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Whether you’re dreaming of your next trip or missing the place you once called home, you can Explore Baton Rouge from w在这里ver you are in the world. Baton Rouge’s attractions, 餐厅, shops and more have come up with ways unique ways you can enjoy our 生活乐趣 (或生活方式.)

All of this is available to you at any time, from anyw在这里. Then when you’re ready for your next trip, Baton Rouge will be ready for you.

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Virtual 经验s

These virtual experiences will have you feeling like you’re right in the Red Stick. Tune in to an online cooking class and whip up a traditional Baton Rouge dish for supper, wander through the LSU museum of art, tour the amazing 基德号航空母舰 in virtual 3D. T在这里’s so many opportunities to explore Baton Rouge online.


基德号航空母舰 Virtual Ship Tour

Step aboard the 基德号航空母舰 from home and explore in 3D this fletcher-class destroyer from WWII. See inside the ammunition handling room or play in the Pilothouse. You can even switch to the VR setting if you have a virtual reality viewing device for a fully-immersive experience!

Supporting Local Businesses

T在这里 are also ways you can support the local businesses that make Baton Rouge so special. Order takeout from a local restaurant offering special services 在这里. Purchase a gift card from ANY local retail store, restaurant, museum, etc. T在这里 are many local 运动s active to do this including: 保持BR服务 和 Better Together BR 运动. Shop online at a local retail store, museum online store, etc.  Purchase local products when you shop at the grocery store. 

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